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Support academic progression and student wellbeing.

Give student support teams the insights they need to keep their students on track to graduate. Get an overview of student progression from one dashboard that drills down from school to student. Create a two-pronged approach to student wellbeing. Automate outreach as part of a pre-built workflow. Let students raise their hand if they need support.

Student wellbeing dashboard with smarttags and mobile app raise hand

Individual student profile

1 customisable dashboard

Intuitive mobile & web apps

Student wellbeing solution - how it works

How our student wellbeing solution works


Switch on SEAtS campus connector

Work with our specialised onboarding team to connect our student wellbeing solution with your existing campus systems and technology. Import historical student data and begin capturing engagement from over 50 campus touch points.

Build your student success workflows

Use pre-built workflows, or customize your own, to create stages that can automatically trigger a range of actions. Allow students to escalate and deescalate through these stages in the background while you focus on intervening with students who are critical.

Easily manage academic progression

Student success teams benefit from having all student engagement and wellbeing related data in one place. Send emails to students with remote and in-person meeting links for regular wellness check-ins.

Features for measuring student wellbeing

Capture attendance anywhere

Attendance remains a key lead indicator for student success. Track student attendance at in-class, online, and off-campus events. Choose from a variety of attendance capture solutions to ensure that your students are taking the first step to learn.

Track engagement online

Connect SEAtS to your existing campus systems. Pull student data from your network, LMS, and online resources into one place. Keep visibility over your virtual campus. Use data insights to form your student wellbeing processes.

Weight data signals

Work closely with our customer success team to identify the student data touch points from across your physical and virtual campus that accurately represent true engagement. Customise data weighting inputs for our engagement algorithm.

Live wellbeing dashboard

All students are represented on one dashboard. From there, individual users can customise what columns are visible, apply extensive filters, and save custom views for easy access. Academic staff can drill down from school to the individual student level.

Centralise student data

Store all student information in their profile. Remove the need for physical student files with secure data storage. Academic staff and case managers can upload pdf. and csv. attachments. All activity is tracked for a complete audit trail of the student journey.

Generate progress reports

Monitoring student interventions is necessary for maximising student success. SEAtS provide the option to monitor each intervention on our  student case management dashboard or through custom reports which allow for at-a-glance progress updates.

Features for managing student wellbeing

Build Workflows

Keep faculty, staff, and students on the same page. Automate push notifications to their smartphones that engagement criteria is not being met. Remove unnecessary administration efforts identifying students and spend more time providing support.

workflow builder for student alerts - wellbeing solution

Student Facing

Give students the power to track their own engagement, as well as, take the first step to improve their learning. The SEAtS mobile and web apps gives students insights into their own progression. They can raise their hand, which triggers an alert to personal tutors and case managers that this student needs help.

mobile app for student learning success - wellbeing solution

Simple Tracking

Create your own custom SmartTags to manage specific cohorts of students, your way. Filter and find the students you are looking for quickly. Tag students as cause for concern, at-risk, or with relevant background information. As with the rest of our platform, visibility of tags is role-based. Ensure students receive timely and discrete support.

add new SmartTags - wellbeing solution
Student wellbeing solution - Facilitate interventions

How to facilitate effective student interventions

Give student success teams the power to provide support to students who need it the most.  Get an overview of case manager workloads and distribute cases evenly.

Real-time student support requests

Staff are notified immediately when a student raises their hand from the mobile app looking for help. Assign to the relevant teams and take next steps.

Book follow-up appointments

Contact students with meeting requests that contain links to online meetings or to book time for an in-person consultation.

Streamline student case management

Keep student intervention history up to date and in one place. Our role-based security settings means that your teams only see the student information that is relevant to them.

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Meet with our Business Development Team to discuss our solution.


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