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A real-time student attendance register.

Capture attendance anywhere. Automate compliance and stakeholder reporting, as well as, reminders to students and staff of upcoming classes. Allow students decide how they attend teaching events. Inform space and resource planning. Make your student attendance data go further. Available for web and mobile apps.

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A complete student attendance solution

Attendance is a key indicator of student success. Track, manage, and report on student attendance from across your physical and virtual campus.

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Tracking Student Attendance

Choose from a variety of student attendance tracking solutions. Capture proof of presence in-class, online, and off-campus.

In-class attendance tracking

The combination of Bluetooth beacons and a student mobile app allows students to record their own attendance, producing accurate proof of presence. By checking in on the SEAtS mobile app, the app confirms attendance by linking to the beacon in the room. They are easy to install and use, as well as, accurate and affordable.

Card readers allow for students to swipe as they enter a lecture hall, or classroom, while also doubling as a student ID card. To minimise installation costs, we can plug our attendance management system into existing card readers. This allows institutions to take advantage of enterprise grade software without having to reinvest in new hardware.

QR Code stands for “Quick Response” code and is mobile phone readable. A QR code is generated before each class and students scan the code to confirm proof of presence as they enter the room. Lecturers or teachers can project this code onto a larger screen to simplify the process.

Online attendance tracking

Automatically capture online student attendance from any video sharing solution. Track frequency and recency data. For Microsoft Teams and Zoom users, they can also capture duration data and generate reports on individuals, schools, course or modules.

Off-campus attendance tracking

Turn an educator’s smartphone or tablet into a portable beacon. Allow students to record their attendance using the mobile app once they are within range of the educator’s beacon. Perfect for offsite events like field trips.

Suitable for ad-hoc class locations where an educator is not in attendance. Allow students to confirm location relative to their co-ordinates, and confirm via geo-fencing. Perfect for work placements, clinical apprenticeships, and more.

Managing Student Attendance

Our web based student attendance management system gives faculty and staff one place to go for all attendance related activity.

Student attendance dashboard

Visualise student attendance at  your institution from an easy to understand dashboard. Customise the dashboard to suit your needs. Save custom views from a combination of extensive filtering and SmartTags for tracking specific student cohorts. Drill down from institution to school, course, module and student.

Individual student profile

Store all student information in their individual profile. Contact the student, open a case, add tags, and more. Our role-based security ensures that users only see the student information that is relevant for them. Provide discrete support to your students.

Automate class reminders

Students get notified of upcoming events on their mobile app and can see location changes through our calendar. Send real-time attendance alerts if students are not meeting requirements.

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Reporting Student Attendance

Meet and exceed the requirements of all academic, stakeholder, and compliance reporting with customisable student attendance reports.

Visa compliance reporting

See results quickly with ready to use Visa and immigration compliance reports. Empower your academic compliance teams to provide proof of substantive student engagement to exceed obligations.

Maintain federal funding

Correlate financial updates with real-time attendance and engagement records for every student. Mitigate the risk of losing federal funding. Easily detect at-risk students and automate communication for a quick resolution.

Inform future planning

Real-time space utilisation gives actual footfall data to improve all facets of the student experience on campus. Create timetables based off actual attendance. Easily manage space and resource allocation.

Register student attendance in real-time

Educators can start their class from one dashboard. Manually enter, or automatically capture, student attendance.

Manage Absences

Managing live student attendance register

Contact Students

The future of location capture

Leveraging Campus Network Infrastructure to Deliver on the Promise of Location Services


Real-time location data and safety alerts


Live space utilisation and resource management


Reduce your campus’ carbon footprint

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Building Management Insights

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Get up and running quickly


Go through solution requirements

Work with SEAtS Customer Success Team to go through the specific requirements for your student attendance solution.

Install software and technology

Work with SEAtS Onboarding Team to get all siloed student data into one platform. Easily install Bluetooth beacons or card readers.

Become an expert using SEAtS

Get regular training and support from our Knowledge Transfer Team. Build attendance management and reporting workflows.
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Smartphone and tablet mobile app - student attendance solution

Give students an easy to use learning success tracker

SEAtS Mobile App for smartphones and tablets allow students to track their own engagement and progression, as well as, record their attendance.

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