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Student scheduling made easy.

Give timetable and curriculum managers the flexibility to make changes to their schedules, pushing updates to student calendars in real-time. Build entire semester schedules from scratch or import existing timetables to be edited at a later stage. Available to buy direct on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AppSource.

University students in class

Schedule students, anywhere

Whether in-person, online, or off-campus, you can build academic timetables that work for everyone. Give students control over how they learn.

Timetable manager adding new in-person learning classes with exceptions

In-Person Learning

Take complete control of your campus flow. Create one-off or recurring teaching events. Automatically surface timetable clashes with lecturers, teaching space, and resources so there is no confusion about who should be where, and when. For students that prefer to learn in-person, if given permission by the institution, they can save their seat in class through the SEAtS Calendar.

Online Learning

Keep up with the growing demand for digitisation in education and expectation from students for online learning as part of their course. Online class links can be added to existing timetables at the import level, or by editing classes in SEAtS. If your institution uses Microsoft Teams for online lectures, you can bulk sync events created in SEAtS to Microsoft Teams calendars at the click of a button.

Student administrator adding online class links and bulk syncing academic timetables
Student on work placement and checking in via GPS

Off-Campus Learning

We know that learning doesn’t stop at the campus gates. That is why our student scheduling solution is equipped with the functionality to create offsite teaching events and ensure students are there with GPS mobile check-in. Give placement coordinators the tools to create a seamless work integrated learning experience for students. Allow lecturers turn their phone into a portable beacon to capture student attendance.

How it works


Use what you already have

You don’t need to start from scratch building academic timetables. Work with our Customer Success team to get your existing timetable into SEAtS. We also have integrations with leading timetabling systems to enhance their offering.

Make changes on the fly

SEAtS student scheduling solution has been designed with flexibility at its core. Users are able to make changes to timetables and be confident that relevant lecturers and students are notified in real-time. Avoid wrong room confusion.

Boost class attendance rates

Send class reminders to student and faculty smartphones. Ensure everyone is given every opportunity to attend. Lecturers can distinguish between in-person and online attendees, as well as contact students who are absent.
Student present in-class

The benefits to your scheduling team

Scheduling team working on improving campus efficiencies

Save countless hours

Timetable managers gain weeks of their time back. SEAtS student scheduling solution has helped our customers reduce the time taken to create and upload an entire semester of classes by 93%. Move your teams focus from administrative tasks to improving campus flow and student experiences.

See how ESO saved time scheduling students

SEAtS Student Scheduling solution has helped the European School of Osteopathy reduce the time taken to create and share a timetable for a term from 2 weeks to one day. Lecturers and students no longer need to contact faculty for information about their attendance and timetable as it is now available on their smartphone.

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Build better timetables

We know that there are a lot of moving parts to consider when planning student schedules for any given academic year. That is why we want to give you as much relevant data as possible to inform your scheduling. Use live space utilisation metrics with actual footfall data to better understand where campus efficiencies can be improved.

Students in class with live space utilisation metrics for estate management teams
Academic advisor working closely with commuter student

Improve student experiences

Find out how and when students learn. Couple that data with background student information to deliver individual timetables. For example, commuter students may need to have asynchronous online classes to coincide with their travel schedules. Create academic timetables that work for everyone.

Get started today!

Discuss your requirements with our business development team for a bespoke student scheduling solution.