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Promoting student wellbeing. Improving student outcomes. Driving student success.

Education Case Management Software is a digital repository to manage each interaction with students. It uses data to improve student relationships with all key stakeholders including advisors, lecturers, case workers and administrators. Moreover, individual student case management provides in-depth analysis of academic performance and progression.

Ensure student success and retention with a complete case management solution

With all information stored in a centralised dashboard, the software provides complete documentation of all cases with actions recorded for full visibility and control. Email interactions can be sent directly from the system, providing a thorough intervention history. Digital evidence can be uploaded to a case file including supporting documents, images, and notes.

SEAtS cloud-based education case management system allows stakeholders to access a case anywhere in the world, allowing immediate actionable next steps. User access to sensitive data is controlled with profiles, on an individual and job role basis. This provides efficient data compliance with users seeing only what they need to see. This includes access to sensitive case notes, reports, analytics and more.

Our student case management software is fully customisable. This includes custom workflows and reports. Dashboards can be saved so that the user is presented with suitable data for their role.

Students are monitored continuously using workflows. Emails are automatically sent to students who fail to meet pre-defined requirements. Repeat offenders are escalated using early alerts, and a case is created and assigned to advisors.

Case Management Features

  • Workflows
  • Early Alert System
  • Access Profiles
  • Email Templates
  • Report Templates
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Dashboard
case manager dashboard with data security

Why does your campus need education case management software?

Promote all components of a successful student progression plan. The provision and management of student support is key to ensuring positive academic outcomes.

Stakeholder access to an audit trail helps higher education institutions discover patterns in student progression, human resources and enrolment. By putting students at the center of all processes, institutions can help measure and manage how they engage with student support and success services across the campus.


  • Review case workload to monitor student progress
  • Monitor case progress in real-time
  • Create manual case interventions for unique situations
  • Send bulk emails & letters using templates for efficient communication
  • Book appointments with students via email directly from the system
  • Review student intervention history to identify trends
  • Comply with federal and state regulations
Better student support with case management software

Is case management software better than the alternatives?


The spreadsheet is ground-zero for siloed information. While successful as a record-keeping function, it falls far short in numerous ways

  • Minimal collaboration opportunities
  • No audit trail
  • Siloed data
  • Out of sync files
  • No final investigation report
  • Manual input leads to errors
  • No task assignment, alerts and deadlines
  • No reporting


  • High upfront cost
  • High risk of failure
  • Challenge retaining IT team
  • Maintenance costs
  • Programmers needed to fix problems
  • Outside consultancy may be needed
  • Over-reliance on one department over another
  • Technological trends may reduce the impact of development

SEAtS Case Management is a center for student wellbeing in higher education. Permanently remove information silos and eliminate blind spots. The all on one screen approach allows advisors to make informed decisions faster and more efficiently.

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