KPI Dashboard

SEAtS KPI Dashboard measure progress, track participation and engagement across schools and courses. Drill down to the detail with real-time reports. Key Reports can be scheduled & distributed electronically.

KPI dashboard
What we do

Dashboards are powerful because, if designed to meet your needs, they bring together different views of information in a single place, providing one of the most powerful ways to visualize and understand large volumes of data in a concise and easy to understand format. The SEAtS Consulting Team can help you identify,design and build the right Dashboards for your institution. Key Indicators powered by our powerful student engagement data repository and analytics software.

What it means for your campus

The SEAtS team will help you;

  • Identify the Metrics that really matter.
  • Build Easy to Understand Visual Representations for each data set.
  • Connect Dashboard Indicators to the detail behind them with our suite of standard standard reports.
  • Make sure it’s easy to access and use.

Most importantly we will use audited, verified data from within the SEAtS repository because the data in front of your SMT must be accurate because bad data makes for bad decisions.