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SEAtS Software Announces Global Availability of Its Stand-Alone Mitigating Circumstances Solution

Dublin, Ireland, 28th November 2023

SEAtS Software, a leading provider of student success solutions, is proud to announce the global availability of their stand-alone mitigating & special circumstances solution. This solution is designed to help higher education institutions manage the increasing volume and complexity of mitigating circumstances applications from students.

Mitigating and special circumstances are situations that affect a student’s ability to perform academically, such as illness, bereavement, or personal issues. These situations require a fair and transparent process to assess the impact on the student’s grades and provide appropriate support and adjustments.

However, many institutions are struggling to cope with the surge of mitigating and special circumstances applications due to the pandemic and other factors. They rely on outdated and inefficient methods, such as web forms, spreadsheets, or email, to handle these applications. These methods lack consistency, visibility, feedback, and evidence capture. They also create a lot of administrative burden and frustration for both staff and students.

With SEAtS Software’s stand-alone mitigating and special circumstances solution, institutions can:

Improve the student experience by providing a clear, consistent, and compassionate process for handling their applications.
Enhance staff efficiency by reducing the manual work and errors involved in managing these applications.
Increase student retention and success by identifying and supporting students who are at risk of dropping out or underperforming due to special circumstances.
Demonstrate the institutional quality and reputation by showing a commitment to fairness, equity, and transparency in dealing with these situations.

This toolset offers:

– A user-friendly interface that allows students to submit their applications online, upload supporting documents, track their progress, and receive timely feedback.
– A case-driven workflow that automates the approval process, assigns tasks to relevant staff, sends notifications and reminders, and also records all actions and decisions.
– A comprehensive dashboard that provides an overview of all applications, their status, outcomes, and impact on student success metrics.
– A reporting module that generates insights and analytics on the trends, patterns, and issues related to mitigating circumstances.
– A compliance module that ensures adherence to institutional policies and regulations, as well as data protection and privacy standards.

SEAtS Software Launch Mitigating Circumstances Solution

L-R: SEAtS Software Bid Manager, Rebecca Wesley; SEAtS Software Head of Professional Services, Bryan Fahy; SEAtS Software Head of Operations, Sarah Gallagher.

Some additional features added to the solution since its launch include the ability for student applications to be automatically assigned to a specific contact group or email domain within the institution. This removes the risk of applications falling through the cracks, improves staff processing times and reduces student anxiety from waiting.

The University of Roehampton in London, a long-term adopter of SEAtS Student Success Solutions, has recently implemented the new system. When asked about the benefits of the new solution, Roehampton COO Tom Rowson said,

“We are delighted to partner with SEAtS Software to implement their innovative mitigating circumstances software at the University of Roehampton. This software will enable us to streamline the process of managing and approving mitigating circumstances requests from our students, ensuring that they receive timely and fair outcomes. It will also help us to monitor and analyse the impact of mitigating circumstances on student retention, progression and attainment, and to identify and support students who may be at risk of academic failure or withdrawal.”

On the release of the new solution, SEAtS CEO Noel Dooley commented,

“We are proud to announce the launch of our new mitigating circumstances solution, which will help universities and colleges manage student requests for extensions, deferrals, and special considerations in a fair and transparent way. This solution is part of our vision to provide innovative and effective education solutions that enhance student success, retention, and satisfaction. SEAtS Software is committed to supporting the education industry with cutting-edge technology and best practices that empower educators and learners alike.”

SEAtS Software’s stand-alone mitigating and special circumstances solution is available now for institutions of any size and type. It can be deployed quickly and easily, without requiring any integration with existing systems or data sources. It can also be customized to suit the specific needs and preferences of each institution.

To learn more about SEAtS Software’s stand-alone mitigating and special circumstances solution, visit or contact us at