How do you manage your visa compliance obligations?

SEAtS offers us an immediate solution to support our Visa and immigration Compliance Policies and Processes for the entire South Wales campus.

Liam Bryson, Deputy Director of Student & Academic Services

SEAtS identifies at-risk students who are not visa compliant, and connects with staff for better outcomes.

Tier 4 Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated

  • Automatically flag students who do not meet requirements
  • Real Time reports on each student
  • Automated alerts for streamlined administration
  • Keep track of UKVI, Visa and ATAS requirements

According to PWC’s 2018 report on Managing Risk in Higher Education, UKVI compliance is top of all HEI risk registrars:

“If compliance with UKVI requirements is not maintained, then we may not be able to Recruit International Students as a consequence of a downgrade in our Sponsors Licence.”

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Visa Compliance made easy