SEAtS Data Analytics Solution – Digital Footprints on Campus

SEAtS Data Analytics Solution – Digital Footprints on Campus

Tracking real time physical presence on campus via readers, biometrics or ibeacons has transformed student retention and UKVI compliance outcomes for our customers.

SEAtS have taken this to a new level with our Student Success Scoring Analytics model. This works by using machine learning, algorithms and statistical modeling techniques to predict and identify at-risk students to further improve successful outcomes and attainment for all students.

A wealth of data can be found all over your campus. We look for these additional touch points to track student participation in campus life. Examples of this could include University managed print services, ICT service desk inquiries/issues logged, clubs and societies and services attendance or interaction or sports center interactions.

Weightings are then attributed to each interaction to enable you to devise a student score that can trigger alerts to further identify “at risk” students who may score lower than the optimum pre-defined score.

This campus-wide picture will give you additional insight into those students who may be at risk of failing or dropping out allowing you to reach out and help them before it is too late.

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