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Are you looking to implement an online attendance management system track of student success in remote learning?

Look no further. In this article we look at how you can record and track student attendance at online learning events, to ensure their success and wellbeing.

Today I want to cover a topic that comes up again and again. How can you record student attendance online?

Institutions are delivering teaching and learning classes remotely using a wide variety of video conferencing tools.

A recent SEAtS survey found that 72% of institutions are using Zoom and or Microsoft Teams. Other tools mentioned include Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts, Brightspace, and Blackboard Collaborate.

What you may be surprised to hear is that a whopping 87% of institutions are using more than one video conferencing tool.

What’s more, lecturers are being asked to manually record class attendance which can take up to 30mins for each class between recording the data, uploading the data to an excel spreadsheet, and sharing the data with the relevant parties.

So how do you record attendance from multiple sources in a timely manner?

Before we get to that, we need to define what attendance is. Here at SEAtS we define attendance based on Recency, Frequency, and Duration.


When was the last time a student attended a class?


How often do they attend class on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?


What percentage of each online class do they attend?

SEAtS online attendance management system currently offers two options for online student attendance:


Automatically records online student attendance based on Recency and Frequency. eAttend is compatible with all video conferencing tools.


Automatically records online student attendance based on Recency, Frequency and Duration and is currently available for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

What about online and physical attendance?

It is important to note that as well as our online attendance management system, SEAtS also offers physical attendance solutions including ID Scanners and thermal scanners for fever recognition. SEAtS is capable of capturing data from both online and on-campus solutions simultaneously for a blended approach to teaching and learning.


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