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Stressed student sits against a dark school wall outside. She appears to be struggling with the stresses of the education system.

Mitigating circumstances application volume have exploded in recent years

As a higher education institution, you may be overwhelmed with the increasing number of mitigating and special circumstances applications from your students. These applications are often complex and sensitive, requiring careful evaluation and timely response. However, using outdated technology or makeshift solutions can make the process inefficient, frustrating and unfair for both students and staff.

How can we make mitigating circumstances applications better and faster?

It’s important to understand the challenges faced in managing mitigating and special circumstances applications. We also know that it is not enough to just tick a box and have the student watch their application disappear into a black hole along with thousands of others with no feedback or transparency in the process. If that is the case, it is as easy to just continue to use a spreadsheet.

Higher Education students in a lecture.

Developing a better application and approval process

There has to be a strategy to improve service delivery in processing mitigating circumstances applications.

A successful approach to managing applications needs to mee the following criteria:

  • Easy to use and run: You can set up and configure our solution in minutes, without any technical expertise or IT support. You can also customize it to suit your institution’s policies and procedures.
  • Fair and equitable to all students: You can ensure that every application is treated consistently and objectively, based on predefined criteria and rules. You can also monitor and audit the process for quality assurance and compliance.
  • Consistent in its application and messaging: You can communicate with students and other stakeholders clearly and promptly at every stage of the process, using automated emails and notifications. You can also provide students with a portal where they can track the status of their application and access relevant information and resources.
  • Case-driven interface: You can manage each application as a case, with a unique identifier and a history of actions and decisions. You can also attach evidence, notes and comments to each case for easy reference and review.
  • Early alert system: You can identify and flag students who may need additional support or intervention, based on their academic performance or personal circumstances. You can also trigger alerts and reminders for staff who need to take action or approve an application.
  • Data-driven insights: You can generate reports and dashboards that provide you with valuable insights into the trends, patterns and outcomes of mitigating and special circumstances applications. You can also use this data to inform your strategic planning and decision making.


The benefits of modern purpose built software for mitigating circumstances applications

Modern application management solutions can transform the way you manage mitigating and special circumstances applications, enhancing your student experience, retention and success. To learn more about our solution or to request a demo, please visit our website or contact us today.