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Make every student interaction count.

Gain actionable data insights on student engagement from predictive learning analytics.

student engagement reports
Expand the menu to contact, tag, bulk edit, and more.
Apply custom filters to your student engagement dashboards.
View and choose your custom dashboard views.
View school, course, module, and specific student cohort engagement averages.

A complete picture of student engagement

SEAtS Engage is a predictive learning analytics solution designed for blended learning. Track engagement by school, course, module, or individual student. Delve into each interaction.

Unify Campus Systems

Give faculty and staff one place to go to see if, and how, students are actively engaging with their learning.

Boost Student Engagement

Ensure that your student support teams have the information they need, when they need it.

Improve Student Outcomes

Keep students on track to graduate with greater understanding of the common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Easy to use engagement dashboard

Use out of the box dashboards or customize your own. Learn more.

student engagement dashboard homepage

Drive better student outcomes

Surface patterns and make informed decisions using historical and real-time student engagement analytics.

student engagement analytics on the individual profile

Standardise student engagement

Score each student’s engagement using an AI score that collates data by school, course, and module.

student engagement score with change and individual metrics

Automate time consuming processes

Notify relevant faculty, staff, and students of changes and facilitate interventions. Learn more.

student wellbeing workflow with actions

Track student engagement, your way

Track specific cohorts of students across multiple campuses.

add new student tags to track specific cohorts

Use enterprise grade software

Pull data from over 50 student touch points, from a variety of campus systems and technology.  Learn more.

campus systems integrations

The benefits to your institution

Get more from your campus data. Use learning analytics to improve the student journey.

Improve teaching delivery

Give teaching staff better information on the quality of educational content they provide to enable continual enhancement.

Prioritise Engagement Metrics

We realise that every institution is different. Work closely with SEAtS Customer Success team to reflect what learning and engagement means at your institution in your data signal weightings.

Apply Learning Analytics at Scale

Find out how students are learning to optimise teaching delivery. Identify where your student support services are most needed for this academic year and beyond. Start tailoring teaching around the student.

student engagement dashboard analytics with filters
student meeting with widening participation team

Exceed diversity and access targets

Easily keep track of specific cohorts of students throughout their academic journey. Ensure that they have timely access to essential support services.

Identify Trends in Student Attrition

Use both historical and real-time data to identify pockets of low student engagement. Cross-examine engagement data with sociodemographic information to give your widening participation teams cohorts to prioritise.

Get Early Alerts on Student Engagement

Automatically send push notifications to student, faculty, and staff smartphones that the student is approaching a critical stage concerning their learning engagement and may need to be contacted.

Provide proactive support

Give personal tutors, student advisers, and case managers a homepage to identify struggling students and make effective interventions.

Customise Dashboard Views

Build out your Personal Tutor Dashboard using extensive filters and selecting the columns that represent student engagement to you. Save custom views, share them with colleagues, and set them as your default.

Re-Engage Struggling Students

Real-time workflows trigger alerts to student support staff of changes in engagement. Automate the first stages of student outreach. Ensure no time is lost re-engaging students and their success is never out of focus.

Personal tutor examining student engagement on their learning analytics dashboard.

Who is using SEAtS Engage?

SEAtS Engage has truly let us view how our student population is engaging with their classes and online materials, and shown us how we can change what we’re doing to support them more proactively.

Jane HargreavesStudent Systems & Engagement Manager, Kingston University

Solent worked with SEAtS to collect student engagement data like submissions, wi-fi access, library access and online resource; and in developing data scoring to identify students at-risk of academic failure.

Louise O’DonoghueStudent Achievement Team Leader, Solent University

WITCC wanted to automate attendance to improve predictive analytics on student success factors. SEAtS tailored their solution to deliver on a shared vision of student success.

Mike LoganDean of Information Technology, CIO, WITCC

Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, SEAtS are committed to making it as easy as possible for Microsoft customers to implement our learning analytics solution.

SEAtS Engage is available to purchase direct from the Azure Marketplace.

Make sense of the metrics that matter!

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