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Students on their campus steps with new technology.

New technologies have enabled an array of different opportunities for institutions to enable their students. With there being a shift in education to an increased use of online education, it requires students to take ownership for their own learning. Faculty for institutions must look to improve student experiences through technology, keeping up with the ever-changing environment in education is crucial.

The digital transformation is not just technology as new systems allow new innovations in every department of an institution. With priorities changing all over the world, key objectives of institutions can include sustainability and campus efficiency. There are institutions evolving all over the world with strategic partnerships to tackle the fast paced nature of education. Read about the opinion of higher education leaders on digital transformation which was noted at EDUCAUSE 2022.

Smart Campus

It can be overlooked the importance of building management which is key for institutions to keep longevity of their education being provided. Providing staff with data analytics based on their education environment can improve campus sustainability. Institutions will have to monitor the progression in online education, there is an ever-changing environment. Education success is a fundamental goal of all staff, ensuring that space can be used on campus efficiently is an effective way of preparing for the increased in take of students year on year.  Have a look at how your institute can prepare for the future here.

Stressed out student.

Campus Efficiency

There are fundamental aspects which hold high currency for universities and education institutions, nowadays the core aspect is sustainability. Institutions need to continue to look after their existing systems, ensuring resources are managed properly can be over looked. Without observing their resources, an institution can end up spending a high proportion of their budget on unused campus rooms and technology systems. This is where the digital transformation of an institution takes a focus on campus efficiency.

“At the end of the day, digital transformation is a change model. If we view it through that, like any change model, it has components we can use, dissect, and focus on”

Dave WeilCIO, Ithaca College
Two students walking around campus

Looking at Digital Transformation

There is a clear indication that institutions must tackle the digital transformation with a hands on approach to creating the best possible environment for students to excel in. Issues with institutions being behind on their digital transformation is not just referring to their IT departments but the whole institution and behaviours on and off campus. You can now be prepared for the digital transformation and these key arising issues:

    • Sustainability
    • Campus Efficiency
    • Space Utilisation
    • Smart Campus