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The increasing adoption of technology in the education industry is testament to the potential benefits of education technology to boost student success, engagement and academic performance among an increasingly disengaged student body. 

Education technology or EdTech can offer many benefits for students in universities, such as increased access, engagement, personalisation, and collaboration. By using EdTech, universities can:  

The Benefits of Education Technology for Student Success such as learning analytics and case management software

Benefits of Education Technology for Student Success 

There are many benefits of education technology but some key education technologies that are having a positive impact at universities are: 

Learning Analytics 

Learning analytics refers to the data-driven analysis of student learning, to allow institutions to optimise resource provision for student success. Education institutions struggle to keep track of every student’s progress, especially large-scale universities and colleges. This is where the benefits of education technology come in.

Learning analytics give institutions valuable and actionable insights to identify individual students who need support and to identify wider trends amongst the student body as a whole.  

Key benefits of education technology such as learning analytics is that they also generate insights into the whole student journey. From pre-enrolment to graduation and beyond, learning analytics help institutions support their students. Understanding how students learn, where they struggle and where they succeed is crucial to implementing an institution-wide strategy of student success.  

In addition to this, one of the key benefits of education technology such as learning analytics, is it act as a safety net for institutions. With learning analytics and effective case management software, no student falls through the cracks. Advanced learning analytics allows educators to quickly identify individual students who are struggling, personally or academically, and implement effective interventions to get them back on track and ensure they reach their full potential.

Knowing which students are at-risk is the key to connecting them to the right resources, at the right time. Learning analytics provide institutions with these insights to drive student success. 

Benefits Of Learning Analytics

  • Get a complete picture of the student journey and improve the student experience. 
  • Unify campus systems, departments and remove data silos.
  • Surface trends and use data driven insights to inform student success strategies. 
  • Ensure early identification and intervention for at-risk students. 
  • Provide more proactive, holistic support services. 
  • Boost student engagement, academic achievement and student success. 
Learning analytics for student success

Case Management Software 

Emotional stress, financial concerns, and disability are some of the challenges faced by students, which can have a significant impact on their academic and personal success in education. It can also hamper their chance of completion. However, one of the key benefits of education technology such as student case management software, is that it can provide an effective solution to improve student success, retention and continuation.  

Students are identified via learning analytics, support services or background data, as needing support or additional resources. Through case management software, a case can be immediately opened for this student to ensure they have access to the right support and can get back on track quickly.

Additional benefits of education technology like case management software include; simplifying the process of student intervention and continued progress monitoring. Quick and effective interventions of this kind are crucial to improving student success and retention in education. 

With case management software, customisable privacy settings ensure all student data remains secure and protected. With all relevant information stored in one central student success dashboard, staff can easily keep track of how students are progressing and receive notifications when further follow-up is needed. The enhanced student support benefits of education technology make them a worthwhile investment for all educational institutions.

Student Success dashboards are one of the huge benefits of education technology for universities. From the dashboard within your case management software, staff can securely generate detailed reporting on all case activities. Case management software can also provide actionable insights into which interventions are most effective, informing student success strategies going forward.  

The enhanced student support benefits of education technology make them a worthwhile investment for all educational institutions.

Benefits Of Student Case Management Software: 

  • All case related activities and important student data stored in one secure, central system. 
  • Implement effective and early student interventions. Continually improve with case management analytics. 
  • Send manual or automatic communications to students at every stage of their intervention. 
  • Maintain oversight over student progression through interventions and simplify follow-ups. 
  • Get students back on track quickly and boost student retention and success. 
Case management software for student case management

If you are interested in learning more about how education technology can boost student success in universities, stay tuned for part two where we will share more of the benefits of education technology. In the meantime, read more about learning analytics or case management software.