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Streamline student case management.

Monitor student wellbeing and academic progression, all the way to graduation.

Student Case Management - Student Profile
Assign open cases to Student Support Staff.
Take action! Decide what the appropriate next steps are to resolve this intervention.
Close the intervention when you are satisfied with the outcome.

One place for student success

SEAtS Retain puts everything related to each student’s success in one place for relevant case managers and advisors. Keep visibility over student wellbeing in online learning.

Create & Review Cases

View open cases and create manual case interventions.

Automate Interventions

Trigger emails as students progress through pre-determined stages.

Keep Data Private

Users see data that is deemed relevant for them by the SEAtS customer admin.

Manage cases from one dashboard

Use out of the box case management dashboards or customize your own. Learn more.

student case management dashboard

Keep student information up to date

Store student background information in their individual profile.

student profile with case management actions and activity trail

Track student wellbeing, stage by stage

Set pre-determined stages to automate case escalation and de-escalation, as well as, facilitate outreach. Learn more.

student wellbeing workflow with actions

Easily group related students

Use custom tags to filter and track specific cohorts of students, e.g. students who are a cause for concern.

add new student tags to track specific cohorts

Create a dialogue with struggling students

Review student intervention history and create appointments via student mobile notification.

book appointments with students and academic mentors

Student case management, your way

Build custom workflows, rename or add tabs, and create specific data charts to suit your institution.

customisable student engagement dashboard

The benefits to your institution

Give case managers the actionable insights they need to make interventions.

Discrete, effective student support

With field level security, case managers, academic staff, and advisors can only see the student information that is relevant for them.

Real-time Student Wellbeing Alerts

Automate alerts of changes in a student’s engagement to that student and relevant staff. Give academic staff back their time, so they no longer have to identify students and can just focus on providing effective support.

Generate Academic Progress Reports

Simplify stakeholder reporting with customisable csv. and pdf. document exports. Add any paper student records as attachments to the individual student profile for efficient data management.

academic staff generating student progress reports
student on mobile app requesting help from case manager

Students track their own success

SEAtS Mobile App is a learning success tracker for students, presenting them with at-a-glance updates of their attendance and engagement metrics.

Keep Students Up To Date

Send real-time automated push notifications like safety alerts, schedule changes, and class reminders direct to student smartphones. Improve campus flow and reduce wasted class time.

Students Raise Their Hand

Give students the capacity to ‘raise their hand’ if they need assistance. Case managers are immediately notified that a student has reached out. Ensure no student’s wellbeing falls out of focus.

Manage mitigating circumstances

Regardless of staff bandwidth, give student administrators a simple solution to handle students’ mitigating circumstances requests.

Guarantee Complete Student Applications

Required fields in student applications ensure that student admins have all the information they need to process student requests. Reduce the time wasted going back and forth looking for supplementary information.

Streamline Student Request Management

Status changes update in real-time for both students and staff. From one dashboard, send email communications and assign requests to other relevant staff or faculty. Easily export student requests for review.

Student administrators managing student mitigating circumstances requests with case management.

Who is using SEAtS Retain?

Increasing the richness of student data helps us identify where someone might be struggling and get the right support in place early. SEAtS provide a range of functionality which goes well beyond capturing attendance.

Merran DavisChief Executive Officer, Unitec

We pride ourselves in assisting all our students equally. Meeting our high standards means using the most innovative and effective tools. SEAtS Retain produces valuable insights that ensure all students are fully supported throughout their period of study.

Dr Adam LongcroftDean of Learning and Teaching, SMU

SEAtS Retain will provide sector-leading capability so that we are able to proactively identify students who may be encountering difficulties in engaging with their studies.

Emily ThorntonProgression & Support Manager, City, University of London

Case management made easy!

Get a full live walkthrough of our student case management solution.