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SEAtS Microsoft Teams Bot launches on Microsoft Teams and Appsource Marketplace

We have some exciting news for you! SEAtS Microsoft Teams Bot is now live on the Microsoft Store! Right inside Microsoft Teams, you can now access all the student information you need from your favorite platform. All built on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud and with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration.

What SEAtS Microsoft Teams Bot offers

Whether you are a student, a faculty member, or an advisor, you can use SEAtS within Teams to monitor and improve student engagement and success.

Advisors and faculty members can easily view a student’s attendance and engagement data and open a case if they notice any issues or risks. They will also receive real-time alerts and notifications on their preferred Teams channel.

Students can also benefit from SEAtS within Teams, as they can see their own progress and statistics on the SEAtS Microsoft Teams Bot. Of course, they can also use the SEAtS Student App and Web App as usual.

About SEAtS Software

SEAtS vision is to build the world’s most effective student success platform for universities, colleges, and schools. SEAtS deliver cloud and mobile solutions to renowned institutions globally. Solutions including:

SEAtS are determined to make critical early wellbeing, progression and retention interventions for at-risk students as effective and timely as possible. Providing visibility to educators within the Microsoft Teams environment staff and students use every day, is a critical next step in that journey.

Noel Dooley, CEO, SEAtS Software

Companies like SEAtS add value by integrating their app with Microsoft Teams. The SEAtS app connects users with real-time student progress data, within the flexible and enterprise-grade reliable environment that Teams provides.

Daniel Canning, Director, Microsoft Teams Platform at Microsoft

Get SEAtS for Microsoft Teams on the Microsoft App Stores right here!