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A Guide to International Student Management

The education sector has changed dramatically over a number of years. Bore out of necessity, we have seen the meteoric rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. With this sudden shift from in-class teaching across the globe, a question mark surrounds the adoption of online learning; and whether the trend will continue in the future.

In this article, we will look at what effect online learning has had on Home Office UKVI Compliance; and how your institution can be in the best position to prepare for what the new academic year brings.

The Problem

Before the global pandemic in 2020, clients could use physical attendance as a means of accounting for engagement, as attendance is a key indicator of student success. However, with e-learning now unavoidable, this metric alone will not truly quantify student engagement.

This becomes a serious thing to consider when put in context with the Home Office’s UKVI Compliance requirements, outlined in the temporary concessions made around Distance Learning.

It states that “If a student stops engaging with their distance learning for more than 30 days, whether overseas or in the UK, their sponsor must withdraw sponsorship.” Higher education needs a new and improved means of tracking attendance (including online classes), accurately collating and representing engagement levels, and reporting this data for UKVI Compliance.

Whilst the Home Office has made these temporary concessions, educators must consider what the compliance landscape will be at the start of a new academic year. Will there be a reversion back to previous requirements? Or will there be new ones, representative of a more hybrid approach to learning?

Whatever the answers may be, the time is now to start planning ahead. Position yourself, before these changes take effect, to have the functionality and flexibility in your corner. A UKVI Compliance Solution to handle any new requirements. This solution needs to be more than just software. It needs to be a collaborative effort between the client and provider, between people, ready and willing to tackle any curveball that is thrown your way.

The Solution 

A UKVI Compliance Solution created with our Clients, for our Clients.

Collaboration is key. The SEAtS Student Success Platform offers an out of the box solution for Visa and Immigration Compliance Workflows. Adhering to the Academic Engagement Requirements outlined by the Home Office, our workflow rules can monitor;

Attendance on Campus

Choose from a range of solutions including Card Readers, Mobile app check-in’s & QR codes

Online Engagement

Remote learning plugins – Zoom, MS Teams or any campus based singal (such as LMS login, Coursework Submission, Grade Submissions etc)

In addition to our early alert workflows, we have a suite of reports available to the end user for UKVI reporting and audit purposes. Our clients have seen a 98% decrease in the time it takes to generate visa compliance reports.

See how Aston University capture and report attendance for UKVI compliance and provide alerts for students with low engagement.

Support students with a Student Attendance Management System

SEAtS UKVI Compliance Package

Our Professional Services Team delivers innovative solutions and guidance to our clients off the back of any changes to Visa Compliance or University Policies.

We offer Business Process creation workshops, helping us to interpret our clients’ requirements. From this, we can provide clear guidance on solutions, based on industry experience and lessons learnt.
Our experts then create custom user acceptance testing documentation, taking you through the test process and use case scenarios. Together, we test the workflow from end to end, ensuring the solution meets the business requirements of the institution.
We have developed functionality which enables Universities to make amendments to their existing or new workflows via the self-service workflow editor. Our Training and Knowledge Transfer team will cover this in detail, along with the training on the main application and the administrative portal.


Higher education institutions are currently in the unfamiliar place of ‘not knowing’ when referring to UKVI compliance requirements for the new academic year. Many have been recently forced online and do not have the solution in place to easily monitor and report on student engagement.

With SEAtS you can transform your approach to compliance. Lean on us, as industry experts, to help you successfully implement a hybrid-ready compliance solution that fulfils the requirements for today, and tomorrow.