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Roehampton use data to inform their student success strategies and improve the student experience.

See how University of Roehampton captures and reports on student attendance, both online and in-person, and delivers critical early interventions for struggling students with data analytics and early alerts.

University of Roehampton Campus

We have built a strong relationship with SEAtS on this groundbreaking project.

SEAtS deliver the real-time decision-making data needed to help our academic and professional services colleagues ensure that all our students have the best possible experiences and outcomes.

Mike HallDirector of Campus Operations, University of Roehampton, London

Positive Student Experience 

SEAtS Student App gives students greater ownership of their student data. 

Boosts Student Retention

Surface at-risk students early before they drop off.

Simplifies Compliance Reporting

Automate Tier IV Visa and immigration reporting.

Save Valuable Time and Money 

Removing administrative burdens allows more time for supporting students. 

The University of Roehampton, London is a modern and dynamic institution that traces its roots back to the 1840s. Today, it welcomes over 9,000 students from over 140 countries, and offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The university is in the top 10 universities inn the UK for postgraduate student satisfaction.

The University of Roehampton is committed to delivering excellent student experiences and achieving its strategic goals of increasing student satisfaction, retention and employability. By partnering with SEAtS Software, the university is able to foster a culture of student success and excellence across its campuses and online programs.

The Challenge


The University of Roehampton faced a challenge: they needed a comprehensive and reliable system to capture and report attendance data for their Tier 4 UKVI students. The system they had was not dependable and involved a lot of manual work from the staff.

SEAtS was chosen as a system that could seamlessly capture attendance at all University events, including lectures, tutorials, practicals, exams or field trips. SEAtS also provided them with reports and dashboards to monitor attendance trends and compliance.


Following the successful implementation of the SEAtS Attendance System, the University was eager to expand their use of the SEAtS Platform, particularly with engagement analytics. Their existing manual process for assessing student engagement was time-consuming and did not give them a complete picture of student progress. They wanted to be able to use real-time data to shape student interventions and outcomes.

SEAtS Student Engagement Analytics and Early Alerts allowed them to track student engagement across multiple sources and receive alerts when students showed signs of disengagement or risk. 

2022 and beyond 

The University of Roehampton has continued to further enhance their use of the SEAtS system. In 2022, the university needed a reliable method for capturing student attendance at online events. They opted for the SEAtS QR code attendance capture option and implemented the SEAtS Student Mobile App to give students greater access and ownership over their own learning.  

The Solution

The SEAtS Attendance and Engagement Solution with Early Alerts is a powerful tool that helps educators monitor and improve student performance, retention, and success. The solution enables the tracking and recording of student attendance for Tier 4 Visa Compliance. At the University of Roehampton, SEAtS Software’s engagement analytics with early alerts also helps to identify students who are at risk of dropping out, failing, or underperforming.  

Some of the main features of the implemented system include: 

  • Real-time attendance capture and verification: Using both in-person card readers and QR codes for online attendance, the University of Roehampton can collect and validate student attendance data in real time, ensuring accuracy and reliability. 
  • Customizable dashboards and reports: Users can create and access various dashboards and reports that display important KPIs, trends, and insights enabling data-driven decision making. 
  • Automated communication and intervention workflows: Automates the process of sending notifications, alerts and interventions to students and staff, facilitating timely and effective communication and support. 
  • Integration with existing campus systems: Seamlessly integrates with existing learning management systems and student information systems. We present all necessary data and crucial actionable insights in one central system for staff and students, ensuring data consistency and removing data silos. 
  • Data security and compliance: SEAtS Software adheres to the highest standards of data security and compliance, ensuring the protection and privacy of student data. 

SEAtS provided us with an immediate solution to any existing issues surrounding student retention, engagement or attendance monitoring.

Mike HallDirector of Campus Operations, University of Roehampton

The Impact

The University of Roehampton has many positive impacts of the SEAtS System on student satisfaction, retention and attainment. Roehampton’s academic, administration, and support staff now have a single secure location to go to access student engagement and attendance data. SEAtS connected to their existing campus systems and began drawing siloed student data into one place and transforming into meaningful insights. 

Key benefits include: 

Simplified UKVI compliance monitoring and progress tracking for staff. 

Students can access their progression via the student app, own their learning and improve their outcomes. 

Helps support staff identify students who need extra support or intervention, in real-time.  

Enables more timely, personalised feedback and support to students, especially for academic advising teams.  

Provides senior leadership teams access to quicker and better insights into student performance. 

Significant time & costs savings from reduced admin burdens, allowing staff to focus on more value-added activities. 

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We feel that SEAtS really understand the landscape of Higher Education. We are working with a dedicated Account Manager who is familiar with our operations and is able to work with us throughout the academic year. Whilst SEAtS is a company that works with many institutions across the sector, we do feel we get an individual approach and support throughout the academic year.

Zuzanna Lazowy-BassiProject Manager, University of Roehampton

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