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In today’s world, more and more people are engaging in thoughtful discussions about the benefits of higher education, considering it not just as a traditional path but as an opportunity to expand horizons, gain life experiences, and open doors to career paths.

In a recently published edition of the Horizon Report, EDUCAUSE identified some trends that are shaping the future of higher education.

In this blog, we’ll explore the emerging trends and explore why pursuing a university degree remains a highly worthwhile endeavor.


Recent trends have been raising doubts about the importance of higher education.

Why attend University?

Higher Education is a rich cultural and scientific asset, which enables personal development and promotes economic, technological and social change. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

UNESCO on the Importance of Higher Education

Higher Education has served as a key pillar of society for decades. It contributes to the development of a successful society and boosts economic growth, competition and knowledge. Universities can foster individual benefits as well. They provide individuals with the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and learn from experts in their field. University degrees can also help students gain a deeper understanding of the world and foster a sense of belonging. This can contribute to a desire to make a positive impact on society. 

Despite the rising costs and the emergence of more affordable alternatives, the benefits of higher education remain significant. The numerous advantages of obtaining a university degree make it a valuable investment for young people.

The Benefits of Higher Education

Considering the available evidence, university remains a highly valuable pursuit. The numerous benefits of higher education make it an excellent choice for young people.

Some of the main benefits of higher education include: 

Employment/Career Benefits 

A higher education degree can bring many career and salary benefits. In a recent survey, 73% of graduates credit their university degree for enabling them to achieve the job they wanted within a year of graduation. In addition, evidence shows that university graduates have better job security, get paid a higher salary and reach managerial positions faster than those who do not. For graduates this means that despite the cost of higher education, the importance of higher education for your future is clear.

Life Satisfaction Benefits 

There are many benefits of higher education outside of the financial and career advantages. University and college graduates have better health and life satisfaction, and more friends too. Additionally, one study found that those with a university degree have a greater life expectancy as well. Furthermore, university graduates tend to have more favourable views of different cultures, contributing to a more understanding and emphatic society. This speaks to the wider importance of higher education, outside of the financial benefits of higher education.

Widening Participation Benefits 

The importance of higher education is particularly clear when it comes to widening participation and equity aims. Research indicates that for first generation or underrepresented students, college degrees largely outperform alternatives in terms of providing a wage premium. In fact one survey in the UK found that those who were first in family to attend university, received a higher starting salary after graduation than those who weren’t. This highlights the crucial benefits of higher education for underrepresented or disadvantaged students.

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There are many benefits of higher education, including employability, life satisfaction and widening participation. 

Highlighting the Power of Higher Education

Succeeding in this new era of higher education is all about improving on the measurement and delivery of advantages to students, parents and employers. To emphasize the importance of higher education and to help students realise many of the benefits of higher education, institutions should focus on a few key areas.  

Focus on Graduate Employability 

As one of the main benefits of higher education, institutions should focus on improving graduate employability. Arranging work-integrated-learning opportunities for students can help them gain valuable work experience before entering the labour market. It can also help build their skillset, knowledge and confidence for the chosen industry. In addition, this will help institutions emphasize the importance of higher education to current and potential students.

Improve Student Completion Rates 

While some of the benefits of higher education come from attending university and the experiences throughout, many rely on graduating with a university degree. As a result, it’s important that institutions do everything they can to help students succeed from enrolment through to graduation. One of the most effective ways to do this is through student learning analytics, early alerts and case management. By leveraging this technology, institutions can ensure every student is on track for success and emphasize the importance of higher education.

Enhance the Student Experience 

Ensuring students have a positive experience while on-campus and attending your institution, is crucial to helping them see the benefits of higher education. Some key trends that have emerged to enhance the student experience include effective student support, personalised interventions and more flexibility. To implement a more proactive approach to student support and improve outreach and advising, institutions should leverage learning analytics to better understand how students are engaging and when they need support. 

The more positive a higher education experience you can provide for students, the more they appreciate the importance of higher education.


The landscape of higher education is evolving, presenting both challenges and significant opportunities. Despite the rising costs associated with higher education, its value remains indisputable. Higher education is a gateway to enhanced employability and greater life satisfaction for individuals, while also serving as a catalyst for economic development and pioneering research that benefits society at large. It is imperative for educational institutions to continue highlighting these advantages, ensuring that students fully appreciate the profound impact and the lasting importance of higher education.

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