SEAtS Customer Success Platform

Customer Success is where strategic planning meets real-world application delivery. Choose a deployment strategy aligned with your institutions strategic objectives.
SEAtS Solutions delivery approach offers a number of tailored options to assist in the adoption of our solutions across your campus. These options include…

SEAtS Assist:
This choice of deployment is carried out by personnel from within your institution. Our professional services team act in a supporting capacity only where we provide comprehensive training services to your project team.

SEAtS Mentor:
SEAtS professional services team completes the bulk of the initial effort, with your team shadowing and supporting. Later your team will assume the primary role with SEAtS personnel moving to support roles only.

SEAtS 360:
the ‘turn-key’ approach, our personnel take the responsibility for the entire project life-cycle. Your team offer advisory and technical support to the project.

Whatever SEAtS deployment model you choose, we ensure that your team are always informed via a dedicated project manager who provides detailed progress reports and consistent updates on project status, milestones and deliverable.

The best way to understand the power of SEAtS Student Success Platform is to see it in action. People find it really helpful to schedule a quick one-on-one demo with a SEAtS Students Success expert so we can answer all your business and technical questions, as well as show you some brilliant dashboards and work-flows that can inspire your own usage.