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This blog is a continuation in our series on Benefits of Education Technology for Student Success. In Part One we focused on how education technology such as Learning Analytics Technology and Case Management Software can enhance student support and success with actionable insights.

In this instalment we look at how a Student Attendance Management System and Student Scheduling Software can also have a positive impact on student success. 

Student Attendance Management System  

Student attendance is a key indicator of student success. Consistent or chronic absenteeism can often be a sign that a student is struggling and at risk of dropping out. Student attendance at classes or tutorials is not only important for learning, engagement and access to crucial resources, but also for building relationships and a sense of belonging within an institution.  

Research strongly suggests a link between a greater sense of belonging and institutional connection, and students who have higher motivation, engagement and academic achievement.  

Implementing a student attendance management system can have a positive influence on student success, by encouraging students to attend classes and engage with their learning. The benefits of education technology like this one includes providing staff with actionable insights so they can identify which students are unengaged so they may intervene.

In addition, analysing student attendance trends gives a more complete picture of the student journey. Providing insights that can inform student scheduling, student retention strategies and more. 

Actionable Insights from an Student Attendance Management System - benefits of education technology

A major benefit of education technology for student success, such as with a student attendance management system, is where a mandatory attendance threshold exists. For professionally accredited courses or for international students with visa requirements, an attendance management system is essential.  

Student attendance software ensures accuracy in attendance reporting, as well as enabling extensive compliance reports on all student attendance activities. This removes the risk of human error and mismanaged data, with one central repository and dashboard for all student attendance information.  

Benefits of a Student Attendance Management System: 

  • A complete picture of student attendance. 
  • Student attendance analytics for actionable insights into student scheduling, engagement, space utilisation and more. 
  • Remove the need for excel or paper-based systems and reduce room for human error. 
  • Fully accurate and transparent reports on student attendance records. 
  • Intervention alerts for at-risk or under-engaged students. 
  • Improved student attendance due to real-time class reminders and progression metrics. 

Student Scheduling Software

An efficient, well-planned schedule allows students to learn and engage better with their curriculum. Student scheduling that is inconsistent and inconvenient will discourage student attendance and engagement, even for the most dedicated student. Institutions need to be encouraging these success indicators as much as possible, not discouraging them.

This is where the benefits of education technology, such as efficient student scheduling software can boost student success. 

Boost Student Success with Student Scheduling Software - benefits of education technology

Student scheduling analytics combines real-time attendance data and space utilisation data to give institutions a better picture of the student journey. This provides the actionable insights needed to optimize student scheduling for student success. With this, institutions can identify student attendance trends to determine when students are most and least likely to adhere to their schedule and use this to inform student planning going forward.  

Additional benefits of education technology that student scheduling software can offer include providing a better student experience by sending real-time room and scheduling updates, right to student’s phones. This gives students back valuable time for study or learning, otherwise wasted finding room changes or travelling to cancelled lectures. In addition, student scheduling software can have a positive impact on attendance, with automatic class reminders sent to all students, or students with a low attendance record.  

Looking for more benefits of education technology? With scheduling software, institutions can schedule all student events in one place. So, whether scheduling events that are online, off-campus or on-campus, students have one central timetable. This can reduce confusion and improve their experience and satisfaction.  

Benefits Of Student Scheduling Software: 

  • Understand how students attend, engage and learn at your institution. 
  • Provide a better staff and student experience. 
  • Real-time actionable insights for attendance footfall and space utilisation. 
  • Instant class and schedule updates sent straight to student smartphones. 
  • Improved attendance with class reminders and up-to-date, accurate information. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of a Student Attendance Management System and Student Scheduling Software? Book in a quick demo with our team here.

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