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Kingsman Academy prioritise student engagement.

See how Kingsman Academy Public Charter School use engagement software to support its non-traditional approach to student success.

Kingsman Academy Public Charter School Campus

SEAtS have lifted this heavy weight from my shoulders. It has been hard for us to figure this out. I often had these ideas in my head but I couldn’t find a product that could turn it into a reality. I went through several products and SEAtS stood out.

Kennesha KellyCo-Founder & Executive Director

Mirrors real-life engagement

Capture online & physical student engagement.

Manages student progression

Open cases and track student progression along their journey.

Supports students

Proactively identify students with low engagement

Integrates with campus systems

Plug into existing VLE, SIS and other campus systems for student engagement data.

Kingsman Academy has partnered with SEAtS Software to deliver powerful student engagement software to support its non-traditional approach to student success. They are leaders in providing a multi-tier approach to student support by delivering personalised intervention plans for students.

The partnership enables Kingsman Academy to:

  • Capture online & physical student engagement with SEAtS Engage
  • Integrate with current VLE system
  • Measure socio-demographic information to determine achievable goals
  • Calculate a multi-tier student success score based on a range of engagement data
  • Identify “at-risk” students and notify assigned intervention coordinator
  • Open a case and record student plan with SEAtS Retain
  • Monitor weekly student wellness meetings with SEAtS Alert
  • Generate reports from a range of data points

SEAtS supported Kingsman Academy during their successful application to the DC Public Charter School Board for funding that uses non-traditional engagement metrics to measure student success.

We are held accountable for the work in the interventions that we are doing, not the sort of traditional measures of success. We had to fight for that for 3 years, and SEAtS was a part of those conversations with our authoriser to make them see that there are different ways to measure success than traditional metrics. Our authorizer was completely blown away because there isn’t a system like this, especially in a middle school and high school, in the United States, let alone a system that can give us real time data analysis based on the needs of our students in the way that our school is designed. So it was definitely a perfect match.

The Challenge

Kingsman Academy is an alternative school with many students referred to as over-aged and under accredited. It’s co-founder, Kennesha Kelly, understood that the traditional education model could not be applied to her students. A new non-traditional model needed to be built from the ground up that focused on personal goals beyond just academic measures. To facilitate such a project, Kingsman needed a software solution that supported this new vision.

The goal in a traditional school is always academics. Are they learning, are they getting good grades. Focusing on priority areas like behavioural, health and wellness, and engagement is critical to us. There is no point putting a student into a class to learn if they are dealing with personal struggles. If we can stabilise the priority areas which SEAtS helps us identify, only then can academic’s flourish. If students are not engaging, that is not their fault. That is something that we are responsible for. The fact that they show up at all means that they are seeking help. Once we identify each student’s priority area, we are able to intervene and build a personalized success plan.

The objective was to find a solution that measured quantitative and qualitative real-time engagement data from a range of physical and virtual systems that gave individual context to their barrier to success and informed a personalised intervention plan. All this needed to be achieved in one platform.

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The framework that SEAtS was built on relates to the framework that our school is built on. It felt like a natural partnership because we were engaged in the same type of work around using student engagement data to deliver student success.

Kennesha KellyCo-Founder & Executive Director
individual student engagement in public charter school

The Solution

Kingsman engaged with several platforms but kept coming back to SEAtS. SEAtS is the only solution that could measure both online and physical engagement, integrate with their current VLE system, support socio-demographic data and manage interventions all in the one platform.

SEAtS were the only platform that I could find that could help me start to package what we were trying to do. And I list SEAtS as a partner in this work when it comes to engagement because I know there are other schools that are trying to solve these exact problems. We have received so much support from educators around the country. My vision for Kingsman is that its more than just Kingsman, it’s about identifying problems within the education sector that have not been solved yet.

The Impact

SEAtS platform allows Kingsman Academy to streamline their multi-tier approach to student engagement, identify “at-risk” students and assign interventions to each coordinator for better student outcomes. The move to SEAtS allows Kingsman to measure non-traditional engagement and deliver progress reports to the DC Public Charter School Board.

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Kingsman Academy got more from their data with SEAtS Engage, Retain and Alert. You can, too.